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  • Organized & promoted first officially licensed Thai Kickboxing event at the Los Angeles Olympic Auditorium.


  • First in History to Promote Muay Thai in the United States, Including the very first Western U.S. Thai Kickboxing Event in Hawaii


  • First to Promote KickBoxing Fights In the United States


  • Graduated into the Rio Hondo Police Reserves in 1982 & 1990.


  • Created the (I.K.B.A) the international KickBoxing association


  • Co-Foundered of the (TPA)

    Tournament Promoters Association.


  • Recevied his Black Belt from the Legendary Ed Parker in 1969 


  • Made the Vice President of the (I.K.K.A) international Kenpo Karate Association


  • In the Martial Art's hall of Fame


  • Opened Rodarte's Kenpo school in 1974










"DAN RODARTE is like a deep wellspring full of life experiences. He sort of reminds me of an oasis in the desert. A fertile place filled with vast information that promises to quench ones constant thirst for some pure refreshing knowledge. He deserves our respect not only for what he's accomplished as a devoted martial artist & caring instructor, he's also earned it for his enormous contributions as one of the most revolutionary full contact martial arts event promoters in the last few decades!"

                                         -article by Paul Swaim-



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